Monday, June 14, 2010

Road to Recovery - Day 3

Is my left ear supposed to feel like it's full of fluid? Am I supposed to taste blood in the back of my mouth like I'm about to get a nosebleed? Did that massive sneeze the other day mess my head up literally?

I took a decongestant just to be on the safe side. I normally have problems with drainage (or lack of it). I used to get a lot of sinus infections because the snot just wouldn't get out of my head. Once I quit spraying the antihistamine directly into my nasal cavity, I quit getting sinus infections. Go figure. Thanks to Dr. Jeremy Moore for figuring that one out.

Charlie changed my bandage again today after a shower. There was some blood at the bottom, so we put a larger bandage on this time. It's not easy using my glasses with a bandage on the back of my ear. I noticed yesterday evening my glasses earpiece was going directly into the bandage. I've got an older pair on that I can "stretch" out a little bit as I put them on

I keep reading and hearing stories about people who were up and about the next day without any problems. I don't think I have any "real" problems, just concerns and I don't want to call the doctor every day like a hypochondriac. I doubt he's on call anyway. Its Memorial Day weekend and my luck, he's at the lake or something. I feel like I have an ear infecton, kind of dizzy but I'm not running a fever and my incision isn't hot or "weepy". I'm trying to remember that I'm a little slower on healing because I don't have a spleen and I have autoimmunity issues as well.

No Percocet so far today. I took an Excedrin Migraine instead because I had a headache at the front of my head. Food still doesn't taste quite right, except Edy's frozen strawberry fruit bars and Easy Mac. And I'm out of the fruit bars.


(Obviously I'm not feeling THAT bad if I'm playing with the webcam and writing blogs! What a drama queen!)

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