Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My nose is running...someone catch it!

Tonight I have a sleep study at Nocturna. I'm ready to get it over with so I can find out if I have sleep apnea or not. I don't sleep well, but I've been sleeping a little better since I quit drinking sodas and changed my diet and started exercising 2 weeks ago. I've been without a mountain dew for a week now. Exciting stuff!

To make this even more fun, I've had a sore throat since Sunday morning. I went to the doctor and the PA said I don't have strep. I'm all blocked so I bought some pseudophendrine to help loosen it up. It kicked in big time about 15 minutes ago. (And I took it at 2 pm). I've been fighting sleep all afternoon because the sleep study people said NO. I also can't eat anymore tonight. Hell I hardly ate today - threw up my breakfast then tried to eats some soup about 3. Not the best day for a sleep study is it?

Tomorrow, Charlie and I are driving to Tulsa to have lunch with my side of the family at my dad's house. Then I am going to have dinner with my kids' dad and his family. Weird I know. But its what the kids want. They want their family to be close. I made my lasagna and I'm taking whole grain angel hair noodles and alfredo sauce as well. We're also going to do fondue. I asked Meagan to make her cream cheese and ham dip for us to take to my dad's. I haven't celebrated a holiday with my dad in at least 10 years if not longer. His last wife didn't like having us around. Hope this new girlfriend is better than the last 3 wives and 2 girlfriends over the past 30 years.

Tomorrow is the annivesary of my mom's birthday. She would have been 67 this year if she hadn't died from lupus complications in 1976.

Jan 25 I start my cochlear implant testings - MRI and CT - then the doctor will send all my information to the insurance companies and see how much they will cover. Cochlear Implant is a last resort for me. I need new hearing aids but my hearing loss is too profound for digitals. Analogs are a thing of the past, like 8 - track tapes.