Thursday, December 24, 2009

Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.

Christmas Eve and I'm sitting in a hotel room in Moore because we lost power early this morning from the hurricane-like winds during Oklahoma's first ever BLIZZARD. Meagan is mad because she has to stay at her dad's until tomorrow sometime when the roads are clear enough for her to drive home. I told her to make the best of it, just like I am. I've declared myself QUEEN OF THE LAQUINTA and using my new OSU snuggie for my "coronation robe". Heather gave Charlie some of his favorite comfort foods (cheese and sausages) so we had that for our dinner tonight. It was delicious.

Yesterday we were in Tulsa to celebrate Christmas with my dad and it was probably one of the best Christmases we've had with him in 20 + years. His new girlfriend, Jerry, is wonderful. She's so friendly and sociable. Dad's last wife didn't like us very well and didn't want us around, so we were uncomfortable being around her. They made bbq for us and it was fantastic! Dad gave us all cash for our Christmas gifts and when Charlie opened his, he said, "Look honey, I got a picture of an ugly man with a beard for Christmas!" That's Charlie for you.

Afterwards, we went to Meagan and Alan's dad's house for dinner and presents with them. I made my lasagna and they seemed to like it. I got some cool stuff and Charlie loved his Vikings jammies and blankie. Meagan finally got her zebra snuggie and her cheetah print car seat covers. She also got a snuggie for her dog but I think it may be too big for him. Alan got 2 new pairs of shoes and lots of clothes. And poor Cody was going crazy because Meagan kept opening box after box of TEXAS clothes.

I have another sinus infection. I'm so good at acquiring those. I'm on antibiotics and steroids and just dealing with the snottiness of it all.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season!

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