Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Both my husband and I quit going into chatrooms at the end of May and we managed to stay out of there for 3 months now. YAY for us! Facebook has helped a lot and we've made contact with people we haven't seen in years. We both got tired of people constantly harrassing us and telling us we were no good and picking fights about stupid things.

And so I continue my obsession with reality tv...

Rachel Zoe Project was on last night and I'm seriously wondering...is Taylor going to quit? She seems so unhappy. The Faux Fur product line possibility looks interesting. I've seen comments about how Rachel should be ashamed of herself for wearing fur, and this line looks so real, she'll probably get calls from PETA denouncing her!

I forgot to watch Project Runway last Thursday, but I've got it on the DVR. I should watch it tonight before Flipping Out comes on.

Gown Crazy on TLC feature Kayne Gillespie was wonderful. I had the opportunity to meet his business manager, Sharon, and one of his clients, Sheridan, on Sunday. We're debating whether or not to actually call his office and make an appointment for Meagan to get a custom prom dress or just get something from his WOW! collection at Serendipity in NW OKC. I don't want to waste his time because I can't afford $1500 + for a dress, but I'd love for Meagan to have a unique gown for her senior prom. The ones at Serendipity are beautiful and affordable.

You know who I miss the most right now? Patti Stanger! I love watching Millionaire Matchmaker. And I think Patti knows her stuff.

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