Friday, August 21, 2009

LIFETIME, LiLo and Loco Designers

I'm a day late watching the new season of Project Runway on LIFETIME… that doesn't sound quite right does it? At least it's the same show. I still have no idea what happened, but who really cares? The show is back FINALLY!

THE WINNER: Christopher Straub
How exciting was it that the guy with absolutely no education, who was completely lost while everyone else was speaking "fashionese", ends up winning the first challenge? Was it luck or does he truly have talent? I'm hoping its talent. I bet Meagan would wear that dress somewhere.

AUF'D: Ari Fish
I'm glad they got rid of that strange woman with the disco soccer ball dress. She was odd looking and that dress was OMFG too weird!
At least the guy who designed the sheer caftan had a halfway decent design. Would I be caught wearing that? Maybe to bed!

LiLo looked old. She's not even 25 yet. Could it be that all the partying is catching up with her? Michael Kors and Nina Garcia haven't gotten warmed up yet. A few good barbs but not nearly enough. I'm sure there will be plenty later. This new batch of contestants is sure to have a few drama queens.

All photographs snagged from Project Runway Official Website, which has a LOT more stuff than the website. Too bad it switched stations. Andy Cohen would have a BLAST interviewing the Auf'd contestants!

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