Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goal Setting

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Second day of school and so far things are going well. Just realized I haven't seen Mr. Hightower yet. Wonder where he's disappeared to? Also noticed Rocky and Ted didn't come back this fall. Trent decided to concentrate on networking.

Ms. Mike moved Jennifer and me to desks next to hers. I will be sitting next to her while she "lectures" and I can see her when she's working on the floor now. I told her to make sure I'm aware that I need to be listening when she says something important, because I can't tell when she's making announcements or when she's just talking.

My computer is using Ubuntu as the default operating system right now, so I have to remember to watch and change the settings when they come up. The Ubuntu was taking a LONG time to load because it needs to test or something, so I restarted it before I left tonight and left the computer on. Maybe it will be ready in the morning.

I took the initiative today and instead of being a wallflower…

  • Got up and got the assistive listening device out of the closet and handed it to Ms. Mike when she started talking and I couldn't hear her. She told me she appreciated me doing that for her because she's been so busy she doesn't think about it.
  • Noticed Marles Bradley signing to someone I didn't recognize and asked if that was a new deaf student. She said yes, so I caught up with the new student and introduced myself. Her name is Camilla, she is taking accounting and she is from Edmond. She said she had to come to MNTC because she was told she'd have to pay for an interpreter at different school.

Goals this week:

  1. Finish Excel Chapter 6 (one chapter a week – 4 chapters to go)
  2. Start Oracle Academy Programming with PL/SQL
  3. Start reading Oracle 10g PL/SQL Programming book
  4. Enjoy my birthday party on Saturday!

Goals this month:

  1. Work on getting my credits transferred to OCCC correctly so I can earn an AAS in Database. Lots of FUN paperwork!
  2. Start Linux course
  3. Start getting bolder about photography
  4. Start application process for graduate school at OU
  5. Decide on 6 more hours for college credit

Goals this semester:

  1. Pass Microsoft Application Specialist Certification exams in Access and Excel 2007
  2. Take a more active role in a professional organization at school
  3. Apply to be a volunteer at the Moore library
  4. Find a way to get new hearing aids!

Meagan and I went to JOHNNIES bakery this afternoon after school and ordered my birthday cake. I forgot to take the picture, so I asked Charlie if he would go back tomorrow . I know what I want on the cake, but not sure they do! During the drive, Meagan was incredibly chatty! I asked her about school and she was telling me about how Connor asked her if she was "going to tell her mom so she can tell his mom". TOOO FUNNY! Davina and I like to swap stories about the kids. I guess they figured out we're talking about them behind their backs!

I guess its time to take the dog for a walk then do some chores. I'd like to be tired enough I don't wake up several times tonight like normal.


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