Sunday, November 11, 2007

Testosterone Wars

Mike (Buzz) and Moe have been going at it in the chatroom for the last couple of days. I almost fell out of my chair laughing because it's all so stupid. Moe was going on and on about those charges on Buzz from more than ten years ago for child molestation claiming he knows the victim and family, and Buzz responds that Moe is 40-something years old and lives with his mommy. Then Moe calls Buzz a rapist, while Buzz retorted that Moe was angry he got one of Buzz's sloppy seconds. The whole "argument" seemed to go on for an hour or more.

I don't know either of them personally enough to hold either of them in esteem or consider them a "friend". Buzz leaves me alone except for the occasional remark trying to goad me into a fight. After 5 years on AOL, I've learned my lesson about chatroom squabbles (took long enough huh?). Moe claims Buzz "paid off" the family so the victim wouldn't testify and Buzz was acquitted. Because of the charges on him back in the late 90's, I can't allow him to come to my house or be around my children.

When BlueSkies and Moe broke up earlier this year, I resolved to stay out of it the best I could and not take sides. Not an easy goal for me because I don't care for the company of women like BlueSkies, who seemed to have to compete with every woman they meet. It would have been so easy to just around and trash talk her with Moe, but I decided against it. Not even a week later, Moe is bragging about the woman he's seeing, and I'm thinking to myself, "Dude, you just broke up with a woman you dated for almost 2 years and professed to love."

Being a woman, I forget men try to get over a relationship by finding a welcoming pussy.

Ok, fine. He's a man. I don't respect the decision, but it's HIS life. Next thing I know, BlueSkies filed a VPO on him because he's harassing her, wanting his things back and she's been selling them. I thought he would at least show up in court to fight it and let the judge know she's been selling his belongings. (I suggested he do so.) He didn't even bother to show up. How do you NOT show up in court for something like that? When I mentioned it to Tonya, she informed me that Moe threatened to kick her ass in the past. And he seriously wanted her to meet him in a bar and he was going to beat her up.


So, now I feel like a heel because I thought BlueSkies was just being a butthead, playing the victim. So, when Moe wanted me to add him to my MySpace, I denied it. And then started getting hostile messages from him about how I wasn't a "real" friend. Now he posts stuff in the chatroom about backstabbers and how Charlie and I "showed our true colors". I never knew we were his friends in the first place. We hadn't seen or heard from him in forever, other than in the chatroom. He never invited us to his home to go swimming or have a BBQ, like he does everyone else in the chat. When Moe and BlueSkies were having issues, we invited him to meet us at the Sunset Grill for a few drinks. We gave him a bed for his son. But, he hasn't made any effort to be OUR friend in any way except to whine at me about BlueSkies.

So, yeah watching this little testosterone war is funny for me.

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