Thursday, May 10, 2007

Family Feuds

Today's big news: Dale Jr announces he will not race for DEI when his contract expires because his step-mother refuses to allow him 51% ownership in the company.


As I read the article, I noticed a little "sidebar" halfway through the article about famous athletes who don't get along with their parents.

I can relate.

I have no "good" memories of time with my dad. I have no real memories of him being affectionate, saying "I love you". No memories of hugs and good night stories. My first REAL memory of my dad is him chasing me around the house so he could spank me when I was 7 years old. Even that young I was terrified of him. I always felt like an "obligation" to him.

Maybe I was.

Because as soon as I moved out for good, my dad more or less quit talking to me, mostly I think because it was too difficult to communicate with me via phone. I tried to talk to him through the relay service, but he said that was too hard to use. I don't think he understands E-mail very well, much less IM's. And a man writing a letter to his child? God Forbid!

Maybe I shouldn't have given up so easily, but now that he's married to wife #4, it's just easier to not talk to him. She doesn't like me at all.

Sometimes I wish I could ask him about my mom and about our lives when Heather and I were little, but he's either not going to remember or he's going to tell us his wife won't like him talking about one of his previous wives. (My mother died when we were very young, so that makes no sense at all, does it?)


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