Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Almost Summer!

The kids will be out of school the week after Memorial Day and then Meagan and I are heading to Branson for 3 days of HELL! No, we're not looking forward to this trip other than to go to Silver Dollar City. The teacher in charge of the program (Mrs. B) has been a bit of a grump lately according to Meagan. We have to shell out another $75 for the trip for the bus, gas and food. I want to know why they didn't just calculate all that into the price from the start. Well, there is no one to ask because the people who started planning the trip all dropped out. Meagan is so sick of the BS from the trip; she decided she's not going to do choir again next year. Instead, she's signed up for Mock Trial. At first she asked me to drive my van up there, but I don't want to drive that far by myself.

Charlie has been seriously working on his retirement plans. We're not sure of the exact date, but hope he will be able to retire by the end of summer. He's eligible for medical retirement, but he wants to get 100% disability from the VA first. Both of us are working on getting disability payments from Social Security.

I keep looking for job openings in the OKC area, but most of the positions I've found that I feel I am comfortable with require the person to use the phone. I can't do that. And I think it's time for me to face that I'm just not able to work anymore. Not only do I have the disadvantage of my hearing loss, I still have problems with the anemia and now I have carpal tunnel.

At least this summer we have season passes to Frontier City and White Water Bay. That should keep us busy. I'd like to take Meagan to the beach for her birthday. We'll see if it happens. With gas prices skyrocketing, I'm not sure we'll be doing a lot of traveling.

Charlie's youngest son and his wife separated Sunday. We're sad for them and the kids, but we knew it was coming. We just hope that neither of them does anything stupid. In the past, she's threatened to have him arrested and even go as far as say he molested the girls, just because she's mad at him. We both know there is more going on there than they are telling us, but we also know we can't do anything to help them. We encouraged them to see a good marriage counselor, but both have to be willing to go and work on the relationship for counseling to work. I've never even met Charlie's youngest son believe it or not! He lives in Idaho and we haven't driven up there to visit yet.

Tomorrow, I'll spend the day at Meagan's school helping with State Testing. Lots of fun! NOT!

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