Tuesday, June 22, 2010

RHONJ: HURRAY! It’s a Danielle – Drama free episode (almost)!

I didn’t have the heart to blog on RHONJ last week because it was nothing but DANIELLE DRAMA. I’m sick to death of that woman and her idiocy. And if her drama with Teresa, Caroline, Dina and Jacqueline wasn’t enough, she starts in on their children. All her drama is self-created, similar to the character of Susan Meyer on “Desperate Housewives”. But while Susan is a loveable ditz like a puppy, Danielle is Cruella de Vil. She’s not a nice person and thinks only of herself and how she can further her ambitions.

But this week,
HURRAY! It’s a Danielle – Drama free episode (almost)!
 I was so glad to see the show focus more on the other wives and their families this week. This is why I watch the show, to see how other families cope with their everyday lives. Even the rich don’t have perfect lives and have to learn to deal just like the rest of us poor SOBs!

I felt so bad for Albie when he announced to Caroline he’d been expelled from school for not making high enough grades. I know the struggle of dealing with a disability! For someone with a hearing loss who doesn’t use sign language fluently, I was at a loss when trying to attend school. Interpreters didn’t help because my ASL comprehension is nil. For me, using ASL is like having a conversation in Spanish and you’ve only taken Spanish I. I desperately needed captions, but none of my schools have been willing to provide this service. Note takers are a laugh. Good luck finding someone willing to use that crappy paper who can take decent notes. I can’t watch the teacher and take notes at the same time (or look at a computer screen). I don’t understand why having a learning disability should prevent Albie from becoming a lawyer. He needs special assistance with reading, but surely the school and his future employers can hire someone to read the documents aloud or transcribe his dictation couldn’t they? I have to wonder if Albie’s case is a violation of the ADA laws regarding education. I hope he finds another school willing to work with him.

Caroline’s daughter, Lauren, finally found her passion. I hope my daughter finds hers soon, but she’s only 17 and has time to live awhile before the weight of the world falls on her shoulders. Jacqueline’s daughter, Ashley, seems to be tired of having it on hers and decided to move back in with the family. This is a major issue in my family, too. As long as my daughter is going to school full-time, we can keep her on our health insurance. She’s welcome to live at home while she’s going to school to save money and to keep the bond with her pets. We don’t really have a lot of rules, other than be respectful to us. She’s never given me a reason to not trust her. I’ve tried to treat her more like an adult than I think Jacqueline and Chris treat Ashley.

Teresa’s wackadoodle of a party planner, Elvira, was something else. I thought Teresa would slap her! I know I wanted to do it. Why the hell is a party planner telling a client she needs to get live-in help? Her only concern should be to get the venue ready and make the client happy. However, I was impressed with the nightclub feel of the party. I wish people invited me to parties like that, but I don’t have any friends that entertain. I wouldn’t cause as much drama as “The Kims” did. I wouldn’t have hounded an 18 year old kid I didn’t know to spill the beans on Danielle Drama. I would have simply blogged it all the next day! Actually, the girls that are my daughter’s friends come to me and “spill”. I try not to be judging and listen, but at the same time, let them know what consequences they might face by acting a certain way. I especially encourage them to not get into “FaceBook Wars”.

I wish Danielle’s botched boob jobs were the reason she’s been such a bitch on the show the past 2 years, but last night on “Watch What Happens Live”, she proved that’s her personality. She was defensive and rude to the call-ins and questions. There’s no explaining to this woman that her daughters shouldn’t be her advisors. Yet, her daughters are better advisors to her than any of her friends. How sad is that?

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