Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Chatty One Rambles about Relationships

One of our friends stayed with us the last couple of days, until she can get a vehicle. It was easier for her to stay here, rather than drive back and forth to pick her up in the mornings. I was going to let her drive "Clifford", the car I inherited from my grandmother a few years ago, but Clifford is parked in the country and the ground is too wet right now to move him. Fortunately, she'll be able to get her own car today and get her life back. I'm glad to see her doing so well these days.

One of the things that blew my mind when I started hanging out with her was the number of men that would hit on her. Even worse were the ones that would ask me about her and want to be introduced, and I would let them know she's at a point in her life where they needed to back off and let her recover from her last relationship. They didn't seem to care they might be a "rebound" relationship, and I got the impression they were hoping for a "conquest".

Call me naïve. I was raised to believe sex was a meaningful part of a committed relationship. Not an extracurricular activity.

The other day I was thinking about this subject, and recalled hearing a woman say she sleeps with a man to see if he's good enough in bed and worth dating. WTF? Is it any wonder he then turns out to be a total asshole? Wouldn't it make more sense to get to know the guy as a friend first, to see if your personalities are compatible? Then, if he isn't as great in bed as you'd like, maybe you could communicate with him and teach him how to make love to you?

Call me ignorant for this one. I thought it was a joke when I first heard people do this, but who in their right mind talks to someone on the internet for a few weeks then goes to meet them for the first time just to have sex with them? Or is this the new fad in dating? Instead of actually dating someone, they just hook up on the internet for a couple of fucks?

I know I'm getting older. And I've never been very trendy. Maybe that's why all this stuff is so weird to me.

The other day, I had to ask my husband why some men think it's attractive to brag about how many women they've had. To new women. The only thing I can think of is somehow in their twisted minds, these men think by telling a woman how experienced they are, she'll be more likely to fuck them. That somehow it makes them more desirable to women. It always made me want to puke, especially when I knew the "other" women.

Let me tell you a little secret. If you don't brag about your conquests, the other guys won't know about it and you'll have it all to yourself.

Good grief, I'm rambling again. They don't call me Chatty Cathy for nothing do they?

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