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Ok so…JOB…what do I share? How much should I share? Will I get fired if I share too much? (Answer: if I post stuff about a patient, I will definitely be fired and possibly prosecuted for violating federal and state confidentiality laws!)
I'm now working for the state mental hospital in Norman as support tech for the nursing department. Meaning I will do paperwork for four hours a day. IF I ever manage to get through this freaking orientation; who knew it would last almost 2 weeks? I've had:
  • 16 hours of "corporate" training
  • 12 hours of "C.A.P.E (Creating a Positive Environment) Verbal Intervention" (dealing with aggressive behavior)
  • 8 hours of CPR and safety
  • 8 hours of "local" training
  • 8 hours of alternatives to restraints and how to use the computer system.  

I was surprised I had to go through this much training before I could do a part-time clerical position. I had a few moments where I was ready to quit, especially when there was an issue with providing interpreters for me (caused by a communication failure NOT by the staff unwillingness to abide by ADA laws). I was so frustrated with not having an interpreter. I'm not at where I need to be with the cochlear implant yet to simply listen on my own. And I have to have a blood test to check for Rubella and Varicella as well as Hepatitis B and Tetanus vaccinations and a TB test.

Here's some interesting information I learned today:

Griffin Memorial Hospital was originally the site of High Gate, an all-female college in 1892. When OU opened in 1894, High Gate couldn't compete and was bought out by a private sanitarium, which opened in 1895. The first patient was a woman from Woodward. Dr. Griffin, for whom the facility is named after, was one of the first administrators and took over in 1910. When the private sanitarium was no longer allowed to run the facility, the state took over and changed the name to Central State Hospital. In 1918, a fire began in one of the men's wards, quickly spread to 2 other wards and killed at least 37 people. The dead were so badly burned; they couldn't be identified and were buried in a common grave on the grounds. One of the buildings on the campus is a former V.A Hospital. In the past the facility housed more than 1000 patients at a time in a "ward" setting.

I still have a lot to learn about the campus. I've only seen 3 buildings so far: The Administration building in 54E, a treatment center in Building 53 and the Information building.


Yeah I never shut up on this subject. It's about all I talk about these days. Some days it drives me crazy. Why? Because it doesn't work like I want. And I want it to work perfect NOW!

ARRR! I have to learn patience!

But I got the new rechargeable batteries for my sound processor last week. How freaking awesome is that? No more $5 a week (per ear) on batteries! I got 2 of them (one for each processor) and a charger. Best of all, I didn't have to buy this separately. Even though it came out AFTER my surgery, I get the charger as part of the package.

Bonus: with the rechargeable batteries, the processor is submergible and waterproof. You can wear it in the rain! You can wear it in the shower! You can wear it at the water park! However:
* Cochlear does not recommend submerging the sound processor in salt or chlorine-treated water. Cochlear recommends that you avoid any swimming that involves going under water, showering under a high pressure nozzle, putting soap or shampoo on the sound processor, or exposing the sound processor to moisture without microphone protectors in place.
I have another appointment with Kela (my audiologist) for a mapping this Thursday. One of my settings allows me to hear voices much better, but it's too loud. It was designed for me to use with a computer. OH and I figured out some of the little tricks to the remote assistant by reading the book (Shari pay attention here!) that came with it.


My dad called the other day to tell us he's getting married to Jerry. This will be his 5th time. He seems happy for the first time since my mother died in 1976. I mean really happy. And he's been with her almost a year. He also 'fessed up to living with her since Thanksgiving. Charlie said, "We figured that out already". Too funny!

Anyway, we like Jerry. She seems to like us. And she really likes my dad.


Alan seems to be doing much better since the "episode" July 16. His "stepmother" assaulted him by pinning him to a wall and getting the dog so agitated, the dog bit him. He took off without any shoes on and a friend of his saw him walking down the highway and picked him up. He called us and we drove to Tulsa to get him. I'm so thankful Alan's dad did the right thing and kicked her out.

I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to have him visiting us for 2 weeks since then without her calling him to bitch him out or criticize him for something. He always seemed to be in trouble with her. I'm not saying he's an angel, but he doesn't cause any problems at my house. EVER. He's so sweet to me. He's funny. He has these big ol' puppy dog eyes I can't resist. How the hell does she get so angry at him she assaults him?

Obviously, she has some serious anger management issues. I hope she gets treatment for her issues and becomes a healthy person. But even if she recovers, I don't want her around my children again EVER. The worst part…she's related to their aunt on their dad's side. Technically, she's a cousin by marriage.

Well, its time for me to go to bed!  Have a great day tomorrow. I know I'm going to have an interesting and exhausting day that includes having my blood drawn for labs!

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Anonymous said...

LOL about your comment to me re the remote. Guess what? I went to one of the (awesome!)live concerts at Stage Center and wanted to be able to turn the volume DOWN next time...ended up putting it on telephone switch to take out some of the loudness. So, the next day I actually got the remote out, started reading the book, etc.....and....the friggin thing isn't paired with my processor & it WON'T PAIR! I even went to the HHR to talk to Larry - he tried it, too, & thinks I probably have a defective remote. I also talked to someone at Cochlear who said she would try walking me thru the pairing process...but need to recharge the remote before I try it again.