Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pity Party

I’m not in a good place right now. Mostly because I’m having some side effects as a result of taking Bactrim and to top it off, the noises from the implant are making me nauseous. I need to get out but I’m not supposed to be in the sun while on Bactrim, so going for a walk or to the park during the day isn’t really an option. Neither is playing in the garden and I need to plant the sweet potatoes I bought last week.

I’ve never planted sweet potatoes before. Someone suggested I use sweet potato vines as a ground cover in an area where the dogs have ruined the yard. I think the vines would be a good idea, especially if I get some fresh sweet potatoes at the end of the summer. Unfortunately, mice like them too. UGH. We always get mice but we also have 4 cats to keep them under control.

Speaking of cats…Lil Miss Bitchy Kitty found herself stuck outside in the thunderstorm last night. When Charlie opened the front door to watch the storm, Miss Kitty was meowing pitifully begging to come in the house. I guess she didn’t want to go all the way around to the side of the house to use the dog door. As hard as that rain was coming down, I probably would have sat on the porch and cried my eyes out too.

I want to cry now because the implant is working as well as I’d hoped. But, both the doctor and the audiologist told me I need to give it time. Like six months to a year for it to work. I also need to start auditory therapy soon, but we aren’t sure if the insurance will cover the service. One thing my audiologist suggested was reading out loud. I also have a computer program I can use. I need either a new FM loop because mine has disappeared or the audio cord that fits directly into the processor so the sound will go directly into my processor and eliminate the background noise. I looked it up online and the Nucleus cord costs $150 for mono $200 for stereo.

HOLY CRAP! We’re not rich people you know. We’re living off of Charlie’s disability right now, which is more than enough, but we also need to save for a “rainy day” in case we need major house repairs. What am I talking about? We DO need some major home repairs. And the contractor that remodeled the kitchen for Charlie’s ex-wife was a complete idiot. The kitchen needs to be remodeled to fix what the remodeler messed up. Does that make sense?

I do have some good news, so this blog is not just another bitchfest. Meagan finally found a summer job, working at a tanning salon nearby. I’m so happy I could BURST! Now she will stay busy, earn her own money, and get some experience so she can get a decent work history.

Now, if only I could find a position, even an unpaid internship…

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